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Here are some examples of public communities you can apply to:
Saas Club community logo
Saas Club
Hexa (eFounders) creators and alumni's investment club, investing with a focus on B2B SaaS startups.
Wolf Pack community logo
Wolf Pack
Christophe and Constantin leverage global expertise for Wolf Pack's early-stage investment opportunities.
Le Club Startup community logo
Le Club Startup
Le Club Startup, by seasoned entrepreneurs Eytan and Guillaume, cultivates elite deal flow, valuing quality over quantity.
Mozza Angels community logo
Mozza Angels
Mozza Angels: Europe's premier product-led angel syndicate championing product excellence in early-stage startups.
Paradise Club community logo
Paradise Club
Join Paradise Club: an angel syndicate transforming investment into societal impact.
Explorers community logo
Andrew Nutter's Explorers invest in deep tech to help solve some of the world's most challenging problems.
Super Capital Angels community logo
Super Capital Angels
Super Capital: Active European early-stage investment club with a diverse portfolio and influential investor members.
Unhiders Angels community logo
Unhiders Angels
Uncover the potential of underrepresented entrepreneurs with this angel group focusing on diversity, mentorship, and strong societal impact. club community logo club
Empower the European AI revolution with's expertise and network, led by Nicolas, Guillaume and Willliam.

Questions? We’ve got answers

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How can I join a community?
After browsing the list of public communities, you can apply to the ones that you are interested in joining.

Your application will be reviewed by the community lead, so explain why you would you like to join them specifically and if you have experience investing in start-ups.

And if you don't, no worries, everyone started one day!
What is the minimum investment amount?
The minimum investment amount on Roundtable is 1,000€.

However, communities can set a specific minimal amount on their deals.
Read the communities' descriptions to know what their requirements are.
How are deals sourced and curated?
All deals shared by a community are sourced and curated by the community leaders.

Roundtable is not a crowdfunding platform, and as such, does not take part in the sourcing and curation of deals.
What's the cost of all this?
Accessing Roundtable's platform is free!

When you invest in a deal:
- Roundtable charges fees when creating an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) to group all investors into an investment vehicle.
- Community admins may charge entry fees or carried interest (a performance fee only paid if the investment generates benefits).

All financial information will be available on the deal's page.

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