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"Roundtable was incredibly helpful for our BAs in our seed round. They handled some of the most time consuming tasks and streamlined the whole process. Their Ops team provided valuable support whenever needed."
Olivier Xu
"Roundtable saves us a crazy amount of time. Not worrying about banks, legal, admin, and KYC is a game changer, allowing us to invest larger amounts, more quickly, and more easily. I wonder how we managed before!"
Corentin Orsini
Founder - Super Capital
"Roundtable made it easy for us to do the angel part of our round. By handling KYCs, the fund collection and the admin related to setting up the SPV, we saved a lot of precious time"
Pauline Glikman
"We no longer worry about the admin & compliance associated with SPVs. Roundtable, with their professionalism, flexibility, dedication, and competitive pricing, enabled us to focus on what matters: finding excellent investment opportunities."
Christophe Maurissen
VC & PE Investor
“Very excited to have led my first SPV! Thank you Evan and Roundtable for helping me structure it as efficiently as possible.”
Antoine Sakho
VC Investor
"With other ex-early Qonto, we were really excited by Anchor (YC S22) but would have passed had we not heard of Roundtable. The experience was great and effortless”
Anh-Tho Chuong Degroote
Lago (ex Qonto)

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Why should I invest in an SPV?
Investing in an SPV provides several advantages: access to deals even with smaller ticket sizes, additional possibility liquidity within the SPV, easier cap table management for the founder, and more bargaining power with VC funds coming in at later rounds of funding.
What is carried interest, and how is it calculated?
Carried Interest is a share of profits, calculated at the exit of the investment. Suppose you invested 100 and your stake is worth 1000 at exit. If the Deal Lead charged 10% of carried interest, you will pay 90 out of your profit of 900 to the Deal Lead.
As a Deal Lead, can I personalize levels of carried interest to my co-investors?
Yes ! You can have both investors paying carried interest and investors not paying it in the same SPV.